Where should I park?

Located on the campus of the University of Missouri- St. Louis, the Touhill offers ample free parking. Parking garages are located at the Touhill’s Main Entrance. Patrons may also park in Lot E. If you are attending an event in the Lee Theater, we recommend you park in Lot K.

For directions to these parking lots, visit Parking.

Do you offer discounts on ticket prices?

Occasionally, we offer Touhill e-listers exclusive discounts. Sign up is easy. Just click here to be directed to our sign up form and you will be added to our e-list!

There are special discount programs for UMSL students, faculty, staff, volunteers, alumni and retirees. 

Ticket Resellers

PLEASE NOTE: There are many ticket resellers on the web.  They often appear at the top of an internet search for a show or artist.  These resellers may or may not offer the best price for your seats.  Please be sure to check prices at touhill.org or call 314-516-4949 before making a purchase at a site other than touhill.org or tickets.touhill.org.  You can verify this by looking at the beginning of the web address in the address bar at the top of your web browser.

Is the Touhill available for outside rentals?

Yes. For more information, visit Rent Touhill.

What should I wear?

Generally, it depends on the performance. We do not have a specific dress code, so do what feels right.

Why do my tickets say right or left? Why am I not center?

Sections are determined by which door is closest to the seat. Since there are no center doors, tickets say either “right” or “left.” Please see our seating chart or call the ticket office to confirm your seat location.

Do you have valet parking?

Valet parking was offered in past seasons but due to logistic concerns was discontinued in 2008.

Is there a group rate?

Yes! For most performances there is a discount for groups. Please visit Group Tickets or contact the ticket office at 314.516.4949 for more information.

Something came up and I need to exchange a ticket. What do I do?

All ticket sales at the Touhill are final. You can exchange tickets within the same performance to upgrade seats or the same run of a show. You can also donate your ticket for resale. You will be issued a receipt for the face value of the ticket.

Why is the information about a performance at the Touhill on the artist website but not on the Touhill website?

Artists that perform at the Touhill sometimes announce tour schedules before we have our ticketing setup in place. Once we have all of the ticketing information the performance will be listed on our website.

Can I bring my camera to take pictures?

No cameras or recording devices are allowed, generally by artist request, as it is extremely disruptive to the performers and audience.

I ordered my tickets weeks ago and I still haven’t received them! What do I do?

Please contact the Ticket Office the week of your performance. We will re-print your tickets and place them in will call for you to pickup. If you will not attend the performance, do not worry. We can leave them for someone else to pickup.

Are there service fees when I order tickets? If so, how do I avoid the service fees?

A service fee is added to the price of each ticket for all phone, mail, fax and online purchases. There are no additional fees charged at the window. Fees are not printed on the ticket.

All service fees are non-refundable. In the case of a show cancellation only the face value of the ticket will be refunded.

What age do you have to be to be considered a senior? child?

Those 65 and older are considered seniors. Children are 12 and under. All patrons over the age of 2 must have a ticket. Door passes will be issued day of show for children under 2 only.

Do I need to purchase a ticket for my child?

All patrons over the age of 2 must have a ticket. Children under 2 years of age do not need a ticket as long as they sit on an adults lap. Please visit the Ticket Office the day of the performance to obtain a door pass for admission. 

What happens if the show is cancelled due to weather or circumstance?

If for any reason a show is formally cancelled by the presenter, you will be notified by phone, mail, or email. A refund will be issued for the ticket price and any fees that may have been paid.  Tickets purchased by credit card will be refunded to the card used at time of purchase. Any cash or check purchases will be refunded by a university check. Please allow 2-6 weeks for refund checks.

How do I buy a gift certificate?

You can purchase gift certificates at the ticket office, by phone, or online by clicking here. Gift Certificates are available in any amount over $5. Gift Certificates expire 5 years from the purchase date.

How do I redeem my gift certificate?

Gift Certificates may be redeemed by phone, in person at the ticket office or online. Gift certificates expire 5 years from the date of purchase.

When should I arrive for the show?

The Touhill Ticket Office and lobby is open 2 hours before performance start time. Theater doors generally open 30 minutes before performance start time. We do encourage you to arrive early and enjoy the pre-show discussions, lobby performances, or the concession bar we have before most events

Do you have a Lost & Found?

If you lose an item while attending an event, please inquire with the House Manager for assistance locating the item. If you discover you’ve lost an item after you’ve left the building, please call 314-516-4100 during regular business hours.