International Performing Arts Series is on sale NOW!

July 2, 2018

Single tickets for all six of the 18/19 Season International Performing Arts Series performances are on sale now! This series is presented by UMSL International Studies and Programs. 

Mischief and Mayhem: Japanese Kyōgen Farce | Saturday, September 15, at 8 p.m.

Kyōgen (狂言), "mad words" or "wild speech," a form of traditional Japanese comic theater. This performance is presented by Prof. Laurence Kominz of Portland State University and his student performers.

Chinese Music and Dances | Saturday, September 22, at 8 p.m.

Tianjin Normal University (TNU), founded in 1958, offers programs at various levels and in many disciplines. The College of Music and Film is one of 23 colleges at TNU, with 1600 undergraduate students and over 100 teaching staff. The college offers programs in dance, music, and performing arts. The College’s student performers have won many competitions in China, including the National Music Golden Bell Awards, the National Dance Lotus Awards, the National Youth Singers TV Competition, and the National College Students Dance Performance, among others.

The Seamus Egan Project | Saturday, November 17, at 8 p.m.

It’s hard to think of an artist in traditional Irish music more influential than Seamus Egan. From his beginnings as a teen prodigy, to his groundbreaking solo work with Shanachie Records, to his founding of Irish-American powerhouse band Solas, to his current work as one of the leading composers and interpreters of the tradition, Egan has inspired multiple generations of musicians and helped define the sound of Irish music today.

Lunasa | Sunday, March 10, at 3 p.m.

Named for an ancient Celtic harvest festival in honor of the Irish god Lugh, patron of the arts, Lunasa is indeed a gathering of some of the top musical talents in Ireland. Its members have helped form the backbone of some of the greatest Irish groups of the decade.

Toby Foyeh and Orchestra Africa | Saturday, April 6, at 8 p.m.

Nigerian musician, Toby Foyeh, considers himself a self-taught musician. He has three successful CD/Album releases to date: Here I Come in Nigeria, Jalolo, and Lagos Ilu Eko. With his band, Orchestra Africa, he has performed in the United Kingdom, Europe, United States, Canada, Japan and Africa. Orchestra Africa's music dubbed as “AFRIJAM Music”. Afrijam is a unique new music created from a fusion of Nigerian music styles – Highlife, Afrobeat and traditional Yoruba music with Rock, Pop, and Jazz.

Cappella Romana | Wednesday, May 8, at 7:30 p.m.

Byzantine musicologist and performer Alexander Lingas directs his ensemble, Cappella Romana, renowned for their presentations of music that span the full breadth of the Roman tradition, from the Greek east to the Latin west. Here Lingas conducts Venice in the East, a program of medieval Byzantine chant and related Latin works influenced by Byzantine tradition from Crete and the Ionian Islands, which were ruled by the Venetians after the Latin conquest of Constantinople in 1204, and from Cyprus, a Venetian outpost from 1489 to 1571. Commissioned by the Early Music Festival in Utrecht (Netherlands), the largest early music festival in the world.

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