University Administration

Kristin Sobolik, Interim Chancellor and Provost for Academic Affairs

Event Services

John Cattanach, Director of Event Services
Blake Schliesser, Business Support Specialist

Touhill Programming

Shelley Dotson, Director of Programming

Ticketing Services

Emily Horsford, Ticketing Services Manager
Emma Levi Gaor, Ticket Office Manager


Jason Stahr, Director of Operations
Jessica Alverson, Events Manager
Lindsay Gingrich, Events Manager
Dustin Massie, Events Manager
Andy Krumeich, Integrated Systems Specialist
Derrick Holmes, Facilities Manager
Aintwon Brownlee, Lead Custodian
Avdo Avdic, Lead Custodian

Stage Services

Kim Gifford, Stage Supervisor 
Jeff Griswold, Audio/Video Supervisor
Ryan Adams, Audio Engineer
Ryan Nelson, Video Engineer
Peter Schroeder , Lighting/Staging Supervisor
Jim Dolan, House Electrician
Scott Morrison, House Flyman
Terry Nelson, House Carpenter

Touhill Volunteer Guild

Community members from throughout metropolitan St. Louis give of their time to serve as ushers, ticket takers, and greeters.

Touhill Part Time Staff

Touhill operations is additionally supported by over 50 part-time professional and student employees working as event assistants, administrative support, stage crew, ticket agents, and house managers.